What should be followed when installing silicon carbide nozzles


2023-05-29 14:41

SiC high flow nozzle, also known as vacuum reaction sintered SiC desulfurization nozzle, is a key component of fossil-fuel power station, large boiler, desulfurization and dust removal complete set device. The reaction sintering silicon carbide desulfurization and dust removal nozzle produced by our company has replaced imported products and filled the domestic gap. Here are a few things to follow when installing silicon carbide nozzles:
1) The installation of the nozzle should be carried out after the system pressure test and flushing are qualified.
2) Special elbows and tees should be used for nozzle installation.
3) When installing the nozzle, it is not allowed to disassemble or modify the nozzle, and it is strictly prohibited to add any decorative coating to the nozzle.
4) When installing the nozzle, a special wrench should be used, and it is strictly prohibited to use the nozzle frame for tightening; When the frame or splash tray of the nozzle deforms or the release components are damaged, it should be replaced with a nozzle of the same specification and model.
5) When the nominal diameter of the nozzle is less than 10mm, a filter should be installed on the water distribution main or water distribution pipe.
6) Sprinklers installed in areas prone to mechanical damage should be equipped with nozzle protective covers.
7) When installing the nozzle, the distance between the splash tray and the ceiling, door, window, opening or wall should meet the design requirements.
8) When the nozzle splash tray is higher than the nearby beam bottom or the ventilation pipe web with a width of less than 1.2m, the maximum vertical distance between the nozzle splash tray and the beam bottom or ventilation pipe web should comply with relevant standards.
9) When the width of the ventilation duct is greater than 1.2m, the nozzle should be installed below its belly.