How is the silicon carbide nozzle produced


2023-05-29 14:41

Silicon carbide nozzle is a device specifically used for desulfurization and dust removal, which has excellent performance. Therefore, it is often used in various fields and has a broad development prospect. When producing silicon carbide nozzles, a certain amount of raw materials should be added according to specific production standards before firing to form a tight structure.
In the mixture of silicon carbide particles, 15% -25% fine silicon powder is added, and high-purity nitrogen is introduced into a high-temperature furnace. The nitriding reaction sintering is controlled at a certain temperature and pressure curve. Silicon and the infiltrated nitrogen combine the hard silicon carbide to form a dense network structure. At the same time, it has excellent properties such as high strength, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, severe wear, and high temperature resistance, and has an ultra long service life under harsh conditions.
Therefore, products made of silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide have good physicochemical and high-temperature properties. Considering the characteristics of silicon nitride and silicon carbide materials, there are mainly two types of materials used for silicon carbide nozzles: silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide and reaction sintering carbonization. The silicon carbide nozzle also has advantages such as being less prone to oxidation, high temperature resistance, and not greatly affected by temperature differences, and is also very superior in terms of resistance to vibration.
The advanced manufacturing process of silicon carbide nozzle has demonstrated so many advantages and performance that it is not only used in industry, but also essential in daily life. I hope the above content can help you better understand silicon carbide nozzles.