Spray angle of desulfurization nozzle


2023-05-29 14:41

Our company is a well-known supplier of desulfurization nozzles, and the products we supply have a good reputation in the market due to their high quality, reasonable prices. Next, we will introduce the spray angle of the desulfurization nozzle, hoping to help you.
The spray angle refers to the cone angle of the liquid film hollow cone formed after the slurry is rotated and ejected from the nozzle. The main factor affecting the spray angle is the various structural parameters of the nozzle, such as the nozzle hole radius, the radius of the rotating chamber and the slurry inlet radius.
In the wet desulfurization system, the spray angle of the downward spraying desulfurization nozzle is usually 90 °, and the spray angle of the upward spraying desulfurization nozzle is 120 °. At the nozzle close to the wall of the absorption tower, in order to prevent the anti-corrosion materials on the wall from being washed and damaged, the spray angle of the desulfurization nozzle sprayed upward is also taken as 90 °.