Selection conditions for desulfurization nozzles


2023-05-29 14:41

Our company is an industrial company dedicated to producing desulfurization nozzles. Our excellent quality is supported and trusted by customers, making us at the forefront of this industry. Today we will talk about the selection conditions of desulfurization nozzles to give more people a general understanding.
System conditions:
Firstly, consider the pressure, flow rate, and number of nozzles of the pump. We need to consider the pressure drop in the pipeline system, which means that there will be a certain pressure loss when the liquid passes through the pipeline and reaches the nozzle. We usually take a discount of 8 to 9%. The flow rate determines the size of the nozzle aperture, and after the number of nozzles is determined, the total flow rate is divided by the number of nozzles to obtain the flow rate and aperture of a single nozzle. The number of nozzles is determined by taking into account the coverage, nozzle layout, pipeline layout and other factors in spray conditions.
Spray conditions
The spray angle determines the coverage rate of spray. In general desulfurization systems, we take 300% coverage rate as the benchmark. The number of nozzles in the system conditions also needs to be determined by referring to the angle of the nozzle.
The flow distribution characteristics determined by the spray shape are hollow cone, semi solid semi hollow cone, and solid cone in the conventional system. In considering the spray shape, we pay attention to the following factors: nozzle material, spray volume, angle, blockage prevention, etc.