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SiSiC Heat Exchanger


Silicon carbide ceramic heat exchanger

Ceramic heat exchanger has the following advantages:

 (1) the use of ceramic heat exchanger method is direct, simple, fast, efficient, environmental protection and energy saving.Don't need to be cold and high temperature protection, low maintenance cost, don't need to make any operation ceramic heat exchanger.Suitable for all kinds of environment of industrial kiln of gas waste heat recycling, especially solve the various problem of high temperature industrial kiln waste heat temperature too high can't use;

(2) countries require ceramic heat exchanger temperature 1000 ℃or higher, due to its high temperature resistance, so they can be placed in high temperature area, the higher the temperature, so the heat exchange efficiency, the better, the more energy saving.

(3) high temperature circumstances instead of metal heat exchanger;

(4) solve the problem of chemical industry heat exchange, corrosion resistance;

(5) ceramic heat exchanger strong adaptability, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature and high strength, good oxidation resistance, thermal shock stability, long service life.

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